I finally finished a draft of the play.

After being beset with obstacles, I have finished a draft of the play and shared it with my theatre friend to read. I’m fairly happy with it but I’m not sure it’s the farce I originally intended. In parts it could perhaps even be described as gritty. But then that’s my style, never just sunshine and roses, always sunshine and roses and a fat lip.

As per procedure I will try not to think about it again for at least a week, unless prompted by my friend, then I shall come at it with fresh eyes and rip it to pieces. Then hopefully put it together again but since I haven’t done a play before, I shouldn’t count on it. But that’s a worry for next weekend.

This weekend I will back to my Canadian western and the joy of redrafting that instead. Huzzah! (Both sarcastically and genuinely.) Redrafting is a fickle beast, one the one hand you remember some of the jokes you put in were actually funny but also notice that some of them really aren’t.

I’ve done the first chapter already, so that’s something, but the fuckups are never early on. They’re always late and entrenched. They revel in being difficult to fix and sometimes even hard to define but I will find them! (Imagine I said that in the style of Michael Shannon’s Zod.) But first, a break.


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